3D Work

Here are some of the tings i have made over the last year. Enjoy.

3D Showreel 2010:

Hoppalong Project Preview

A introduction to the models made for the Hoppalong project. This was sent to the client for inspection.

Character Design Project:

My first real character design. The project was to make one character that had an good backstory. I dident really like making only one character, so I made two. The robot i named Juggernaut, and was a robot inspired by monster truck design. Huge motor, and pipes to hold it all together. The other character is Alysia, shes a sexy motorhead that loves working on here robot.

Action – Reaction Animation:

My first animation project. This was a part of a bigger movie with 3 other classmates. We each made our part. The theme for the project was action – reaction. Alomst everyone except my groupe chose to have one dead object hitting the next dead object. I wanted something diffrent, so i came up with the idee that these “balls” would travel trough diffrent time periodes. The catch was that they kept dieing. The metaphore was that idees you create have to go trough diffrent courses to survive. And alot of your idees will die in the prossess.

Rig Animation:

This movie is about a samurai thats on the run. Thats why he is so carefull at the start of the movie. He wants a place to relax, so he goes inside to have a drink. After taking a zip, he realises that its poison. The rest is obvious. This animation was made in only 2 days. Due to personal issues in the project period.

Diffrent other projects:


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